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Hand-crafted still

After rebuilding Wood Castle’s factory following the fire loss in 1996, much thought, research and

planning went into facility layout and new technologies. Handcrafted fine hardwood furniture was

still the goal, while taking advantage of safer and more efficient tools.

Best tools, tolerances, strength

Our new manufacturing plant features world-class machinery, enabling precision milling and

component accuracies to within one one-hundredth (0.01) of an inch. This accuracy, significantly

improved over traditional tolerances, enables Wood Castle to engineer drawers interchangeable

with others in the same – or even a different – case (chest, dresser, etc.).

A well-built drawer requires a stout case. Wood Castle, unlike most manufacturers, builds each case good

around an internal “web frame.” Like a skeleton or cage, this frame provides remarkable strength to the overall case. Thus when moving a piece across the room – or across the country – the racking and twisting forces are greatly dampened.

Thus, Wood Castle drawers fit right for life. And they’re strong enough to take abuse of their own. Our drawer glides are rated at 100 pounds strength per drawer, far exceeding the normal weight capacity likely to be stored. But, wait, there’s more (as they say): A dust molding gussets the plywood bottom to the drawer box back. Further, the bottom piece is stapled and glued all around. A French, sliding dovetail secures the drawer front to the drawer box. In short, Wood Castle drawers are simply the best and strongest in the world.

A great finish

Beautiful natural hardwoods deserve a beautiful, careful finish, not just to enhance the wonder and luster of grain but also to protect the furniture’s surface. Wood Castle employs “pre-catalyzed,” specially formulated lacquers in our multi-step finishing process. After careful hand sanding, two or more lacquer coats are sprayed on each piece, building a “cross-linked” finish that gives excellent resistance to moisture and mars. Our finishes require only minimal care.

Delivered factory-fresh, no assembly required

Wood Castle’s trusted retail dealers receive our furniture in high-strength cardboard cartons. These cartons are wrapped and stapled around hardwood shipping pallets. Larger case goods, to facilitate dock loading and warehouse storage, feature four or more easy-roll castors.

Confident that our products are defect free, the retail store delivers Wood Castle furniture to the customer in these same shipping cartons. From factory to customer, our furniture needs no assembly (other than bed set up) and always arrives in the customer’s home factory-fresh. Few manufacturers (of any product) can boast Wood Castle’s low returns rate.

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